Thursday, March 2, 2017

March 2, 2017 - Middle and High School Strategy Night

Our middle and high school teachers awed and inspired with their strategies and tools!

WFMS Presenter Cassie Levelle

WFMS Presenter Jackie Constable

Barrackville Presenter Allyson Perry

Monongah Middle Presenter Jennifer Green
Monongah Middle Presenter Kate McConnell

West Fairmont Middle School: Motivation and Self-Directed Learning Using Newsela, Story Elements and Graphic Organizers

"This was great information....I learned about Dinah Zike's information on book reports and clever foldables!"
"I learned new ideas for book reports and for using Newsela.  I liked the annotation tools!"
"The photostory idea for an independent book report is a tremendous idea!" 

Photostory Book Report: 

bk report from Sherry Copley on Vimeo.

West Fairmont Middle School- Jackie Constable and Cassie Levelle
Grade 6: Informational: Newsela
Grade 8: Literary: Story Elements Graphic Organizers
Materials: iPads/computers, Direction sheets, and Rubrics

Strategies Used:
Comprehension Monitoring- thinking about what students are reading. This strategy helps students become active readers and find a purpose for their reading.
Motivation and self-directed learning- the ability to provide students a choice of materials on individual reading ability levels, as well as materials that connect cross-circular components to peak student interest while enhancing literacy skills.

Procedure for Story Elements Graphic Organizers
Throughout the year, independent reading is assigned for each nine-week period. During that time, the elements of literature is scaffold throughout the various independent reading projects which the student has selected from a list that’s been provided to them, or by teacher consent. Books are based on their independent Lexile numbers and individual interests. *See teacher folder

Procedure for Newsela:
·   The teacher will create an account using
·   The teacher will assign an article to read for each class.
·   The teacher will create individual classes and students’ usernames/passwords.
·   Students will log on with their usernames/passwords.
·   Students will go to their “Binder”.
·   The teacher will instruct students on which article to choose.
·   The teacher will then instruct students, individually, on the changing of Lexile numbers.
·   Students will read the article (individually/or in stations), while completing the quiz and 

     writing portion.

Links to Resources:
·   Teacher made materials (see folder)

Data of Effectiveness of the Implementation of Strategy using Acuity

Grade 6
Class Fall Average: only 33% (analyzing) and 33% and 29% (central idea- two-part question)     
of students answered the questions referring to informational texts correctly.   
Class Winter Average: 74% (analyzing) and 74%, 95%, 63% (central idea- three answer   
    choice question) of students answered the questions referring to informational texts 
Growth of Proficiency: Fall- 43%, Winter- 74%
Range 2: Fall- 48%, Winter- 21%
Range 1: Fall- 10%, Winter- 5%

Grade 8
Growth of Proficiency: Fall- 72%, Winter- 93%
Range 2: Fall- 24%, Winter- 7%
Range 1: Fall- 5%, Winter- 0%

We have learned…
We have learned that data analysis is the best way to improve student achievement with teacher made and data driven resources when examining student growth.

Barrackville: Choice Board Strategy

"Reading independently and student choice are key."
 The Choice Board strategy is awesome!  Thank you for the ICE strategy.

"I really liked the infographic about reading 20 minutes at home!"  - participant

More resources for ICE paragraph writing from Read Write Think:

Monongah Middle: RUNNERS Strategy

"RUNNERS strategy.....LOVED IT!"
 "I liked the example of using the IAB as class discussion."

"I loved your comment about building stamina for longer reading assignments!"

February 2017 - Elementary Strategies!

Blackshere got our elementary strategy night started with a song and a dance!

Blackshere February 2017 from Sherry Copley on Vimeo.
Blackshere Presenters: Theresa Michael and Judy McCoy
East Park Presenters: Tyisa Stewart, Beverly Richardson, and Michelle Talerico

Watson Presenters: Alyssa Grubler, Rachel Kellar, Mary Noland

White Hall Presenter: Cindy Gouzd

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

East Park: Making Inferences

"Wonderful!  I really like the inferring comprehension strategy!"
"I learned to use the 2-column notes for inferences (In the book -In my head) and comprehension scaffolds for guided reading."
"Jan Richardson's guided reading flip book - awesome!" 

White Hall: Concept of Word Games

"I love Cindy's word games and her word game storage!" - participant

Watson Elementary: Fluency Task Cards

"I loved having premade fluency task cards and posters! Wonderful! 
Thanks, Watson!"
"I want more information on the clinical groups!"  - participant

Blackshere: Movement is the Way to Learning

"I'll share the Heidi Songs with our K-1 teachers.  They'll love it!"
"Very nice!" -participant

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Stay tuned!  

Our team is working hard - researching and preparing presentations on evidence-based strategies.  We will post what we learn here!